Thursday, 31 October 2013

Four-Minute Facelift

I wrote my four minute opera, The Sands of Time, (with writer Simon Rees), twenty years ago for a one-off performance. It had to be composed very quickly and I didn’t produce the neatest score in the world.

Twenty years on it’s still getting performances every year and each time I feel a bit more embarrassed about the old score. At the end of November, Intimate Opera of Indianapolis are giving four performances, so I asked Michael McCartney to produce a newly engraved score.

Michael is a highly skilled music editor and has produced a beautifully laid out and proportioned score so that the performers will have better materials to work with.

For details of Intimate Opera's forthcoming production, see


  1. The new score looks very beautiful, and I am sure it will enhance the player's experience!

  2. Thank you - Mike edits and prepares scores for some of UK's top composers, so I know I'm in good hands