Friday, 20 November 2015

Looking to the West

Ferryside is a little estuary village in West Wales, facing Llanstephan and about eight miles from Carmarthen.

For centuries it was on the main coastal route to West Wales, but the estuary needed to be crossed by ferry - hence its name.

These days it is still on the London to Carmarthen line - the original line was built in 1852 and quickly washed away by the ferocious storms that can blow up on the estuary.

The walk along the estuary is spectacular at all times of year, but particularly evocative during November and December. Here are a few more pictures taken there ...

In the distance here you can see Llanstephan Castle just across the estuary.

And looking back up across the railway line, the gables of some of the houses.


  1. What a lovely reminder of happy days - and good fish and chips!

  2. Yes, I forgot to mention the Ferry Cabin in the centre of the village (how could I?) which does the best fish and chips ever (as you'll see if you look up reviews and comments on the net).