Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Song for a Hidden Chapel

Built around 1720, Beiliheulog is a small non-conformist chapel, hidden deep in a remote valley in Breconshire.

After visiting during harvest time in 2009, I composed a piece for flute, viola and guitar, being premiered at the National Museum of Wales on Sunday 15 September by Still Life With Guitar.

Although only six minutes long it’s one of most sparse pieces I’ve ever written – there are only 89 notes in total, and I even took out a few more the other day!

The concert starts at 1pm and is free – it’s a fascinating programme with another first performance by the wonderful young composer Luke Starkey. The three musicians are Emma Coulthard (flute), Philip Heyman (viola) & Michael McCartney (guitar). It would be great to see you there.


  1. What a beautiful little chapel. I am sure it will be a magical event.

  2. It's magical, but takes some finding. I spent ages driving along narrow country lanes to get there and, once I did, had to walk through a field to find it. It was the day before Harvest Sunday at the interior was decorated with fresh fruit and vegetables ready for the service the next day. The inside is very plain and the fittings and pews haven't changed since the 18th century. In case anyone is interested, the national grid reference is SO 048 435