Monday, 16 September 2013

Still Life with Guitar

Yesterday the musicians Still Life with Guitar gave a lunchtime concert at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. As usual with these players, it was a fascinating and unusual event and included the premiere of a new piece of mine (see previous blog, Song for a Hidden Chapel, for more details)

They played in front of an impressive Stanley Spencer Resurrection painting and this, and the other paintings and sculptures dotted around, made it a visual and musical treat

They played a great new piece by the young Cardiff-based composer Luke Starkey – one of the movements, called Five Little Pigs, consists of five micro pieces, one of which is only two notes long. Fabulous! Here's Michael McCartney and Emma Coulthard rehearsing.

As you can see the rehearsals were very serious, but also fun …


  1. What a wonderful venue for a concert. Congratulations on another successful premiere. What's next?!

  2. Thank you Francesca. Next is starting work seriously on developing new composition ideas as part of my Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales - watch this blog! And there's another big project in the pipeline (which you know about, because you're part of it)for which I'm waiting for the green light.